Behringer Wasp Deluxe

Rekreasjon av den klassiske Wasp-synthen

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

En legendarisk synth brakt tilbake til livet. Den analoge Behringer WASP Deluxe-synthesizeren er en vintage-stil analog synthesizer med et design basert på den legendariske EDP WASP-synthen. Behringer WASP baserer arkitekturen og designet sitt på en klassisk synth. Den har doble oscillatorer, og gir kraftige og fete toner.

Mer info fra Behringer:

Take flight with the Wasp
See what the buzz is about. The Behringer WASP Deluxe brings a classic back to life. This versatile hybrid synthesizer features a digital dual oscillator design, perfect for creating fat and warm sounds. Staying true to the original, Behringer have meticulously recreate the original circuitry, paying close attention to every detail. This provides you with the extra-flexible sound shaping capabilities that made the original so groundbreaking.

The original Wasp was first conceived in 1978 and was one of the first monophonic synths to use touch-sensitive keys. The pure analog signal path lent to its unique sound it delivered. Behringer have brought this unsung hero back to life, modernising it with the inclusion of MIDI and USB connectivity, a sleek desktop unit. The compact design is also compatible with the Eurorack format, allowing you to add the Behringer Wasp to your Eurorack setup. You can also use the Poly Chain function to combine multiple synths for up to 16-voice polyphony

Genre-defying, powerful tones
Coming from the late '70s, the original Wasp was coveted for its ability to create big fat tones, ideal for the rising wave of synth-pop and progressive-rock. The two oscillators are highly flexible, providing three variable waveforms each. The waveforms are comprised of square wave, sawtooth and a unique "enhanced mode" which delivers added punchy and clarity. You can adjust the oscillators tone across a wide five-octave range. The first oscillator allows you to adjust the waveshape via the Width knob. The second oscillator employs a pitch control which can be adjusted against the first oscillator’s pitch for unique modulation effects.

In-depth controls and flexible LFO
The Behringer Wasp Deluxe features 29 controls in total, giving you full rein over your sound design capabilities. The versatile LFO features six waveshapes including: sine wave, rising sawtooth, square wave, noise and random. You can manipulate the tone of the waveforms using the Frequency and Pitch knobs.

The onboard noise generator provides an added layer to mix in with the LFO, ideal for creating percussive-type sounds. The switchable, multi-mode VCF allows you to texturise your sounds with Lo, Hi, Band and Notch filter settings. The Frequency and Q settings are perfect for controlling the filter cutoff and width.


  • Legendary analog synthesizer with dual OSC design allows for insanely fat music creation
  • Authentic reproduction of original “Wasp Deluxe” circuitry with matched transistors and JFETs
  • Pure analog signal path based on authentic OSC, VCF and VCA designs
  • 3 variable oscillator shapes with pulse / ramp and enhanced mode for ultimate sounds
  • Switchable, multi-mode VCF with Lo, Hi, Band and Notch modes
  • Flexible LFO with 4 waveform shapes, frequency and pitch modulation control
  • 2 analog Envelope Generators for modulation of VCF and VCA
  • Noise generator dramatically expands waveform generation
  • 16-voice Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony
  • Complete Eurorack solution – main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
  • 29 controls give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • External audio input for processing external sound sources
  • Comprehensive USB/MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
  • 3-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in Germany