Triton Audio FEThead Germanium

NOS germanium transistor

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Triton Audio FetHead GE er en liten forforsterker for dynamiske mikrofoner og båndmikrofoner. Ved å tilføre fantomspenning hever man signalet med 29dB samt at en germanium transistor farger lyden på utgangen i tillegg. FetHead GE blokkerer videre fantomspenning slik at ikke båndmikrofoner blir ødelagt av matespenningen. I to-spann med dynamiske mikrofoner som Shure SM7B, Sennheiser MD421 eller de fleste passive båndmikrofoner, gir FetHead deg en helt annen signalstyrke og nytt liv til disse klassiske mikrofonene.

FetHead Germanium is a high quality, in-line microphone preamplifier. It provides a punchy and direct, ‘larger than life’ germanium sound for ribbon and dynamic microphones, adding classy Germanium harmonics. Sounding full and rich it is reminiscent of much higher priced vintage gear, making FetHead Ge's desirable coloration a really great addition to (Interface) preamps which sound rather neutral.

Germanium flavour
Germanium transistors were widely used in earliest transistor designs by Neve, EMI, Telefunken, and Fairchild, and have developed a reputation for a decidedly vintage mojo that remains sought after today. We created a novel hybrid circuit that consists of low noise JFets and a hand-selected ‘new old stock’ germanium transistor to take full advantage of the "Germanium" sound and at the same time achieve the same sonic quality we are known for.

Protects the microphone
Some ribbon microphone do not tolerate phantom power. FetHead Germanium circuit uses 48v phantom power but shields it from the microphone, your microphone is protected.