Tascam DR-10SG

Kondensatormikrofon for kamerabruk

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Tascam DR-10SG opptaker/mikrofon gir deg høykvalitets lydopptak til ditt kamera. Kondensatormikrofonen fokuserer lyden i retningen kameraet peker og minsker bakgrunnsstøyen og lyd fra sidene. DR10SG er en prisgunstig mikrofon og opptaker, som enkelt integreres mot ditt DSLR-kamera og forbedrer lydkvaliteten mange hakk i forhold til de innebygde mikrofonene som slike kameraer har.

Informasjon fra Tascam:
The DR-10SG is a mini recorder that weighs only 100 grams. It has an integrated shotgun microphone than can be placed on any camera with a hotshoe and will help beginners in particular to add sound to their DSLR video recordings. The recorder creates mono recordings in WAV/BWF format with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz at a resolution of 16 or 24 bits or space-saving MP3-format recordings and offers automatic or manual level adjustment, a limiter, low-pass filter and EQ presets for different scenarios. It is also capable of dual recordings, with the second recording at a reduced level to protect against overloads and hence distortion.

A slate signal function and the ability to forward the sound signal to the camera simplify synchronisation during post-editing of the video material. The DR-10SG has a USB port for data exchange and is powered by a single AAA battery. A noise isolation arm and a wind shield for the microphone are included.

Custom designed, high-performance shotgun microphone
An all-new shotgun capsule was designed by Tascam for the DR-10SG. The super-cardioid pickup pattern captures sound in the direction it is pointing while rejecting ambient noise and reverberation. The design of this microphone is purpose-built to pick up your subject's voice from your camera, without noise from traffic, surf, echo, and other distractions.

Four EQ presets to match the subject and setting
The DR-10SG's built-in equalizer tailors the recording to sound best in your environment. It includes the following four presets:

  • NATURAL: Flat response for a natural-sounding recording.
  • STANDARD: Standard EQ for a video camera shotgun mic, adding clarity.
  • INTERVIEW: EQ optimized for voice recordings in interviews, conversations and similar scenes.
  • FIELD: Ideal EQ for recording sound effects and other background sounds.

High-quality audio, simple to use
The DR-10SG provides digital recording with the convenience of a camera accessory. Detailed electrical design includes rejection of power supply and camera noise in a compact design. Controlled listening tests during the design stage led to consisent improvements in the design, from the best shotgun capsule design to the need for high-performance capacitors in the power supply.