Scale Technologies Studio Grade Dsub – Dsub

3 meter D-Sub til D-sub kabel

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

En rekke lydprodukter har i dag D-Sub-kontakter for å få mange analoge inn og/eller utganger i et og samme produkt. D-Sub standarden er i dag referansen, og Scale Technologies leverer en av markedets beste multikabler med disse kontaktene.

Informasjon fra produsenten:

Studio-grade, Industrial-strength Cables
Scale Technologies multicore cables have been pushing the envelope of detail-oriented design and construction since day one. For superior signal quality, these cables use high-quality copper. Scale Technologies use 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge) wire and ultra-durable connectors to give you premium sound quality that will stand the test of time. Each multicore cables cable features 100% noise shielding that makes sure you hear all of your audio — and nothing else. Finally, the cable is wrapped in a stout jacket that rejects normal wear and tear. Scale Technologies  multicore cables represent a step forward in cable construction.


  • For use on nearly all machines and consoles equipped with an industry standard analog pin-out
  • Tascam DB-25 pin configuration
  • Low-noise, all-metal D-sub shells
  • Combines 8 balanced analog signals into a single connector
  • Hand soldered State-of-the-art pin termination
  • Easy-to-grab metal thumb screws
  • Included 2 cable straps
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Vi lagerfører 3-meter kabelen