Roger Mayer D1

Fantastisk, aktiv DI-boks

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Denne aktive D.I.-boksen er sinnsykt fet. Ikke bare har den en unikt bra lydkvalitet. Den kan også benyttes som reamping-boks. Skal du ha en virkelig bra D.I. i studioet eller på scenen MÅ du sjekke ut D1 fra britiske Roger Mayer Ltd.

Informasjon fra Roger Mayer Ltd:
The Roger Mayer D1 Active Interface is a highly transparent DI box and reamping device with three outputs with ultrawideband transformer and discrete Class A amplifier circuit. The Roger Mayer D1 Active Interface boasts Roger’s proprietary custom ultra wideband transformers hand-wound by Roger Mayer himself. These are the same transformers used in the RM456 mic preamp.

Furthermore, the D1 uses a Class A transformer driver circuit with low-noise semiconductors, all offering a new level of transparency and detail. The D1 has a huge amount of headroom which partnered to its custom low impedance balanced transformer delivers the ideal interface with modern DAW recording systems.

A Speaker Monitor Mode lets you capture the signal and tone of a guitar amplifier or power amp. It can handle amplifiers up to 1200 Watts. Furthermore, it can be employed as a reamping box using both Thru and Buffered Outputs. The Input Range also accepts professional line level sources all the way up to DAW output level while the From Amp Input can be used as a -20dB Pad for signals exceeding normal line levels.

The D1 also includes a +48V Phantom Power, 180deg polarity and ground lift switch. The D1 is housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure with chrome finish side panels which provide an easily erasable surface for marking its designated purpose.