Roger Mayer 456-500


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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The Roger Mayer 456HD-500 er en 500-modul designet for å gjengi dynamikken og den harmoniske prosessen som skjer når man gjør opptak til analog tape. RM 465HD har fått utrolig mye skryt for sin utrolig autentiske lydkarakter. Vi har norske kunder som kan bekrefte at opptak gjort med 456 i prosessen er enklere å få tli å låte bedre i miksen senere.

Informasjon fra Roger Mayer 
The Roger Mayer 456HD-500 features a unique ultra-high speed analogue circuit to emulate the classic combination of Ampex 456 tape with a Studer A80, recreating the harmonic and dynamic properties of this tape formulation and the frequency response, bias and tape head characteristics of this machine. Unlike software plug-ins, the 456HD-500 allows you to track with ZERO latency. It also has the advantage of providing the much sought-after feel & sound of tape but without wow & flutter, and tape hiss.

The 456HD-500 has an input and output control for gain-staging and a Bias to affect the tone of tape colouration, recreating the typical tone of 15ips and 30ips playback speed and anything in between. Markers are provided for each control and serve as a starting point which will work for most applications.

Ideal for tracking placed just before your A-to-D stage, or on your mixbus (with two modules), the 456HD-500 delivers all the benefits of analogue tape to your digital recording and mixing setup.

  • 456HD® Analogue Tape Emulation
  • 500 Series Design
  • Based upon the sound of Ampex 456 Tape on a Studer A80 Tape Machine
  • Simple to adjust Input and Output gain staging
  • Bias control lets you choose between 15ips or 30ips
  • Current draw: 223mA
  • Handbuilt in the UK