Radial J48

Aktiv DI-boks

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Radial J48 er en aktiv DI-boks som opererer med 48V fantom-mating. Dette er en kvalitets DI og vi anbefaler denne spesielt på akustisk gitar - både på scenen og i studioet. Denne arbeider med kraftigere spenning internt, noe som resulterer i mer headrom, mindre støy og en svært god dynamikk.

Informasjon fra Radial:
Most battery-powered guitars and basses will produce as much as 7 Volts when played at maximum volume, which can easily overload typical active direct boxes which have are only able to handle about 3 Volts. The J48 uses a unique switching power supply that raises the internal rail voltage so it can handle up to an incredible 9 Volts, resulting in improved signal handling and greater headroom. This additional headroom significantly reduces distortion of all types, allowing the natural tone and character of the instrument to shine through.

"I've had my own Radial J48 for several years, and I can't remember the last time I didn't use it when making a "proper" recording of an amped guitar or bass. It's one of those pieces of kit that just works properly every time it's needed."  TEST I GUITAR MAGAZINE